**SOLD OUT** Sydney Cold Case Files: Blowing the dust off some of Sydney's oldest unsolved murder cases

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  • Duration: 90 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Surry Hills, NSW
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The True Crime in Old Sydney 'Pub Table' Talk Series - Episode 4

Sydney Cold Case Files: Blowing the Dust off some of Sydney's Oldest Unsolved Murders Cases

There have been hundreds of murders committed in Sydney since 1788 and many were never solved and over time have been forgotten. In this talk, you will hear about the cases between 1800 and 1950 that still remain cold. We will go over the details of the crime scenes, review the evidence, look at the suspects, scrutinise the investigations and discuss where they failed.

You will learn about the historical crime scene investigation techniques, early forms of forensic science, the state of the police force across the ages, see how prejudices of the time influenced an investigation and trial and see how the press at times could bungle things up.


Have you ever walked down an eerie old laneway or into an old building, somewhere in Sydney, and wondered what the walls could tell you if they talked?

Local historian Elliot Lindsay has spent years looking over old maps, vintage photos, archived police evidence, coroners reports, newspaper articles, and interviewing local ‘old timers’ to uncover Sydney’s lost stories. He has compiled the most exciting and interesting stories to share with the public in a series of ‘pub table’ talks crafted to enthral, inform and entertain. Some of the stories have been lost for over 180 years.

Eat, Drink and Listen to Old Tales

Join Elliot every second Tuesday at The Royal Albert Hotel, Surry Hills, to hear these remarkable and sometimes frightening stories about Sydney’s dark, mysterious and eccentric past. These are not lectures but a series of ‘bar room’ talks where you will hear masterfully told stories over a drink and a hearty meal. The last 30 mins of the evening is an open forum where people can ask questions, discuss the stories, share some stories of their own or just sit back and listen.