Surry Hills True Crime Walking Adventure (3 hours)

From AUD $55.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Surry Hills, NSW
  • Product code: SHTCHA

A True Crime Surry Hills Adventure

On this not-so-typical walking tour, you will meander through dark alleys and winding lanes, exploring the dark history of Sydney’s Surry Hills. You will investigate the ghastly crime scenes of eight historical murders committed between 1880 and 1945. They took place in the old terraces, dark alleys and iconic street corners that your guide will take you to. You will stand at the exact spot where the bodies were found and walk around the old detectives' crime scene.

Some of the cases exclusive to Murders Most Foul include.

  • The Case of the Silk Stocking Strangler
  • The Murder of the Woolloomooloo Rose
  • The Crown Street Horror

Why Surry Hills?

Before the cool cafes and trendy bars began to appear, this inner-city suburb was known for sly grog, illegal gambling, prostitution and the drug trade. The old push gangs of Sydney fought fierce battles for control of the streets. All this will be revealed to you on the tour. 

What You Can Also Expect On This Tour

This is our full length walking adventure tour that will take you across the entire suburb of Surry Hills. You will learn about the suburb's history, geography and what the environment was like before it was settled. 

Furthermore, you will:

  • Investigate a cold-case murder from the 1920s using actual crime scene evidence and new insights. You will walk away feeling pretty confident that you have identified the TRUE killer who got away with murder.
  • Discover the stomping grounds of Sydney's colourful gangs from the 1890s and see the iconic street where 200 members of the notorious Gipps Street Push went on a murderous rampage against its rival gangs.
  • Discover Sydney's colonial morgues and discover why beer and autopsies typically went hand in hand during our first one hundred years of settlement.  

The Case Files 

Your tour ticket price includes a complimentary copy of the 'Murders Most Foul: Surry Hills Case Files e-Book'. The book contains actual police evidence, crime scene photography, witness reports, newspaper articles and coroner’s reports for each case. With the help of your guide, you will use the evidence to piece together clues and reconstruct old crime scenes. Best of all, you get to take it home in the end. 

The Royal Albert Hotel

The tour ends at the Royal Albert Hotel on Reservoir Street and Commonwealth Street. 

Elliot, will typically sit with you and share some tales about the pub and its notorious past patrons. It is also a good opportunity to ask further questions and share some of your own stories with like minded individuals.